Liquid waterproofing membrane

lowering the temperature inside the building

Meet COOL-R benefits

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Roof life
extended to 25 years


Roof temperature
reduction up to 70%


Up to 25% lower costs
of electric energy


10 years guarantee
for COOL-R coating

Comprehensive service
of roof waterproofing and cooling


You are only 4 steps from cost saving!

1 Analysis

After a telephone call, we arrange a field inspection where we analyse the object and make measurements.

2 Calculation

Basing on an interview and an analysis we prepare your individual benefit calculation.

3 Offer

At this stage, we prepare comprehensive investment offer, joining all the needed materials with the application of our solution.

4 Application

The last and most pleasant stage is the application of our COOL-R coating on your object. Each application is performed under the supervision of our experts.

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cool r thermo roof
The roof was covered with waterproof, highly reflective COOL-R coating
Roof covered with bituminous membrane

* Temperature difference recorded on bituminous roof during the application of COOL-R. 25 June 2018, Madrid, Spain.

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We know how to make temperature drop
in your building

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Rozwiazania COOL R

COOL-R solutions

COOL-R are comprehensive solutions tailored for varying needs and roofs. The brand offers roof cooling and roof waterproofing systems which meet top standards for roof sheathing life and load. Our solutions are covered by guarantees, have environmental certificates and conform to international norms acknowledged by EOTA®


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Reduce costs of cooling the building by as much as 25%

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an architect or an engineer?

COOL-R is an international brand caring for professionalism and partnership at every stage of investment. From the very initial contact, we aim at delivering as much information of our solutions as possible and present their advantage. Learn more about COOL-R solutions from documents and materials we prepared


Global experience

COOL-R brand is a part of international group SELENA, which marks its presence in more than 70 countries worldwide.