cooling and waterproofing

COOL-R is a highly reflective waterproofing coating that protects your roof from heat and water.
It can be used both on new and old, flat and sloping roofs.

Key benefits:





Find out how COOL-R works

Specially designed for:

Buildings without air conditioning


Improving thermal comfort  – reducing temperature under the roof even by 10°C


Buildings with air conditioning


Reducing Air Conditioning operating cost and improving thermal comfort

Livestock farms


Protecting animals from the adverse effect of high temperatures


Large- scale supermarkets


Increasing refrigeration efficiency and reducing Air Conditioning cost

Production plants


Reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency of Air Conditioning and other cooling systems

Special-purpose warehouses


Maintaining temperature rigor of storage and production as well as improving the efficiency of refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Discover COOL-R roof coating

Unique combination of 2 categories:

highly reflective and waterproofing

Increases your savings on air conditioning

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Protects your goods from high temperature

Makes work more comfortable and efficient

How does COOL-R work ?


the ability to reflect light

85,7 %


the ability to dissipate heat


Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is often used to determine the overall ability to reflect solar heat and release thermal heat.


Solar Reflectance Index

Thanks to the unique combination of high emissivity and reflectance, Cool-R lowers the temperature of the roof by up to 70%.

COOL-R vs other kinds of roof coatings

Roof covering Reflectance Emissivity SRI
Cool-R coating 85,7% 0,85 107
Metal sheet covered with white color 67% 0,2 58
Ceramic tiles 33 % 0,90 36
EPDM membrane 21% 0,87 21
Bitumen membrane 20% 0,97 22

See the COOL-R cooling effect

Original Image  
Modified Image  
A roof covered with bitumen membrane, partly covered with COOL-R coating
Picture generated by thermal infrared camera. Move the slider to see the difference.

Extended durability

that ensures long-term, problem-free usage

Lower maintenance expenses

Protection at extreme temperatures

Extended durability up to 10 years

  • 80°C

  • -35°C

  • waterproof

  • wind and dust resistant

Technical parameters

to be filled by basic technical information

Are you a roofer ?

Learn more about COOL-R case studies

  • Cooling

  • Waterproofing

  • Reflection

  • Non spreading fire

  • Durability

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