COOL-R system certificated with BREEAM standard

Innovative character and undeniable positive impact on the reduction of energy consumption represented by COOL-R cool roofs system were appreciated during BREEAM certification process, executed in accordance with BREEAM International New Construction 2016 standard.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is described as a sustainability assessment method used for certification of most technically advanced buildings and infrastructure, focusing on best performing elements not only on the day of project finalization, but also throughout the life cycle. Projects rated with BREEAM standards have positive effect on well-being of people living or working in them, helping to take care of natural environment and making the whole investment more attractive and profitable. The methodology rates the product or solution based on the 10 categories:


Within each category key issues are evaluated with its own target and benchmarks. For fulfilling a given criterion projects receive credits, which are the base for final performance rating determined at the end of the assessment.

COOL-R score in BREEAM methodology

Evaluation of COOL-R according to BREEAM methodology showed strengths of the system in the following areas:

– Mat 01 Life cycle impacts, category Materials with 1 credit received
– Mat 01 Life cycle impacts, category Innovation with 1 credit received
– Ene 01 Reduction energy use and carbon emissions, category Energy with up to 15 credits to get, depending on the project

Two credits granted COOL-R in the first category result from meeting the requirements of the product with responsible sourcing and also from Environmental Product Declaration EPD Type III, that COOL-R is having. Since the products has also Environmental Product Declaration EPD Type II, confirming contribution in energy efficiency improvements as well as ITB EKO label, it can highly improve energy efficiency of the building reducing CO₂ emissions at the same time. To evaluate and grant up to 15 credits in this category properly for a given projects, it is necessary to calculate Energy Performance Ratio for International New Constructions (EPRINC) and compare the result with benchmarks included in the methodology.

More information regarding BREEAM is available on the official BREEAM’s website

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