Cool roofs supporting power supply – case study of industrial zone in Gebze, Turkey

Awareness of the influence of solar radiation on roofing is getting stronger. For many investors and building owners it is obvious, that early prevention is much better than unscheduled renovations when something wrong occurs. Proper roofing installation guaranties years of safe and comfortable functioning of the building. Benefits and savings rise even more when used solutions provide additional advantages related to the main purpose of facility and as well as extended warranty.

Proper waterproofing covering, resistant to extensive overheating is highly valuable not only for office and production facilities, where air conditioning systems are causing increased power consumption to ensure heat comfort for people working inside and protect the quality of final goods. Optimal working temperature is crucial for effectiveness of production machinery, especially those emitting large amount of heat. Overheated equipment, working in hot weather conditions may end up with production delays, final goods losses or even machine damage and suspension of the manufacturing process.

To ensure stable energy supply for industrial zone in Turkish Gebze it was necessary to provide dry functioning environments for power generators placed in the new building with 250 m² concrete roof. Main concern for the investor was to avoid high temperature inside the facility with no air conditioning system during hot summer days in Turkey. To fulfill given requirements there were two layers of Cool-R Highly Reflective Waterproofing Coating applied. First layer of Cool-R (grey one) was additionally placed with reinforcement in places where concrete surface was showing some cracks.

Cool-R application in industrial zone in Turkish Gebze is a good example of preventive thinking. New roof covering was additionally reinforced and prepared for demanding weather conditions, also taking care of stability of power supply for companies operating in this area.


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