How to reduce energy consumption of production facility, keeping thermal comfort inside – case study from Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey

Production of specialized machines with high level of complexity used for many applications in different industries requires ensuring of exceptional manufacturing conditions, suitable for both people and devices involved. Unidentified sources of moisture, water standing on devices and wares or high temperature reducing the productivity of people and machines can easily disrupt the manufacturing process causing delays and losses.

Described scenario was very likely for German manufacturer of conveyor systems in one of its factories localized in Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey. The 10 years old roof, with total area of 750m² was in a bad shape in terms of providing a watertight coating. The problem has also been observed under air conditioning devices installed on the roof. Another issue was increased temperature of 28°C inside the factory with air conditioning turned off. The efficiency of air conditioning system was also affected because of the use of air additionally heated by a hot roof coating.

The company decided to apply COOL-R coating as a comprehensive solution to the problems observed in Gebze/Kocaeli. The roof renovation included application of COOL-R underlayer in grey with additional reinforcement and final layer of COOL-R in white.

First positive effects were noticed right after finishing works on the roof. The temperature measured inside has dropped to around 24 degrees. Also due to reduction of roof covering temperature, the air used by air conditioning system became colder, making the whole AC system more efficient and energy saving. An additional benefit was preparation of seamless, watertight coating with extended durability.

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