Exhibition facility maintenance – case study from Anhembi, Brazil

Exhibition halls to be attractive for exhibitors and visitors need to meet some specific requirements. Not only the usable area or the localization matter when it comes to decide where to organize the event. Bad exhibition conditions may negatively affect not only the comfort of visitors but also the shape of presented goods or even the reputation of exhibitor. For this reasons regular and comprehensive maintenance is crucial for owners of exhibition facilities.

Maintenance of roof of the exhibition center in Anhembi in Brazil because of its unusual shape is challenging. Brazilian climate along with strong wind impact significantly damaged existing 220 m² roof covering made from trapezoidal aluminum, partially insulated with EPS boards and additionally covered with PVC membrane. This combination of different covering layers and the fact, that roof surface was not uniform resulted with numerous leaks all over the roof. Additionally roof of the exhibition center was constantly overheated, reaching temperature of 76°C, what also affected the condition of the heavily damaged roof.

Renovation process started with removal of the PVC membrane and EPS boards. In the next step the whole roof surface was carefully cleaned, removing dust and all old materials applied in the past. To eliminate all existing leaks and prevent the whole surface in case of movements of covering layers all joints were additionally covered with reinforcement and Cool-R waterproofing coating.

After surface preparation the whole roof was covered with first layer of Cool-R Highly Reflective Waterproofing Coating in grey.

The final step was application of the Cool-R layer in white.

The result of renovation process was completely new, waterproof roof covering. All leaks were successfully removed, solving problem with continuous maintenance. Also roof temperature was significantly reduced by 44°C improving thermal comfort inside the building as well as roof covering durability.

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