Modern and energy efficient fish market in Madrid – case study of Mercamadrid

Requirements set for commercial objects may differ not only based on the type of the building in question, its size, construction or equipment installed. They may also vary depending on expectations of various entities using the same facility for a common purpose but from different perspectives. Project carried out by Mercado Central de Pescados Mercamadrid in Madrid, Spain, the second largest fish market in the world, is a perfect example of selecting one complete solution to meet needs of different users of the facility.

“…low temperature inside is a key factor for business success.”

Fish market in Spanish capital is a place where shopkeepers, wholesalers, restaurant’s chefs and individual customers buy fresh or frozen fish and seafood every day. The annual sales volume of Mercamadrid amount 140 mln kilograms for over 1,3 billion euro. To ensure adequate storage conditions for this kind of temperature sensitive goods, on the site there is also ice factory, delivering 20 tons of ice for trading stands each day. For this kind of facility maintaining low temperature inside is a key factor for business success. This process is particularly difficult in places with a hot climate conditions, to which Madrid undeniably belongs. For sellers low temperature is a basis for maintaining the freshness of goods and minimizing losses. On the other hand main concern for facility owner is cost reduction in terms of use of air conditioning and ice production.

“…the temperature under the roof was decreased by 7°C.”

Thanks to its high Solar Reflectance Index of 107 allowing to reduce the temperature of roof covering up to 70%, COOL-R Highly Reflective Waterproofing Coating was chosen by Mercamadrid as a part of 3 mln euro investment project having in view comprehensive modernization of cooling solutions in the facility towards more efficient and environmentally friendly ones. Measurements made after COOL-R application on the 33.000 m² roof showed first positive effects of use of the reflective coating. As the investor mentioned, the temperature under the roof was decreased by 7°C, what directly translates into reduction of load on air conditioning systems and energy consumption, as well as improvement of storage conditions.

Mercamadrid is another facility in the world where application of COOL-R coating caused the solid improvement of functioning in terms of key processes, working conditions and cost efficiency.

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