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See how simple is Cool-R in use

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What do we offer for roofers:

  • New business opportunities
  • Product trainings and certifications
  • Full support for the entire offer preparation process
  • Technical support
  • Guidelines for post-application service

Benefits of Cool-R solution:

easy application

quick drying time

possibility of „airless” application

two-colour layers

solvent free and odorless

high elasticity

Find out what benefits you can get. Contact us and cool your building.


Technical Specification

Main technical features

    • High reflectance of sunlight [85,7%],  and high heat emissivity [0.85].

    • Extended working life – cat. W2 according to ETAG 005.

    • Creates a waterproof and seamless coating thickness of 1mm.

    • Ecological friendly – solvent free, does not emit volatile substances.

    • Resistant to permanent dirt, easy to clean.

    • Easy to repair any mechanical defects.

    • Resistant to UV rays


  • Application temperature – Min. +5ºC max +40ºC

  • Temperature resistance – Min. -35 ºC max ++80ºC  after curing

  • High elasticity of coating – 300%

  • Quick resistance to rain. – 90 minutes

LEED  Certification
According to  7.2 of LEED certification : [SS Credit 7.2: Heat Island Effect—Roof]
Test parameter Norm Results Fulfills
SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) ASTM E1980-11 107 YES
Reflectance ASTM E903-12 85,7% ± 0,2 YES
Emissivity ASTM C1371-04a (2010)e1 0,85 ± 0,03 YES
Parameter COOL-R
Modulus @ 100% [MPa] 1,8
Elongation at break  [%] 300 ± 10
Elasticity in low temperatures [°C] -35
A Shor hardness 70
Water tightness [kPa] 200
User Load – Moderate P2
Working live product W2
Resistance to external fire BRoof(t1)
Weight burden to 1 m2 of roof [kg] 1,22

  • Cooling

  • Waterproofing

  • Reflection

  • Non spreading fire

  • Durability

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