LEED v4 certificate for COOL-R with 24 credits to get

COOL-R cool roofs system as an innovative and environmental friendly solution has passed LEED v4 certification process with final result of up to 24 credits to get by newly designed or existing buildings.

What is LEED certification?

LEED, translated as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification method dedicated for green buildings, helping to evaluate buildings all over the world in terms of parameters such as energy and water efficiency, reduction of CO₂ emissions, care for improving indoor conditions or quality of available resources management. The idea of LEED is to provide comprehensive framework helpful in the design of environmental friendly buildings as well as providing ways to improve the existing construction. The methodology can be applied to all types of buildings and covers the whole life cycle of the building from design process, through operations and maintenance ending with significant modernization. During LEED certification process object is earning score points in different categories, what allows to categorize it into one of the four categories:

– Certified – 40-49 points
– Silver – 50-59 point
– Gold – 60-79 points
– Platinum – 80+ points

24 LEED credit points with application of COOL-R

Building with roof covered with COOL-R Highly Reflective Waterproofing Coating can score up to 24 points in four different areas:

– Heat Island Reduction – thanks to its high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) with value 107, COOL-R is able to earn up to 2 LEED points
– Energy performance – after performing individual building evaluation in terms of optimal energy performance, the object can get from 1 to 18 points. Additionally COOL-R having EPD Type II certificate, confirms its contribution in improvement of overall energy efficiency
– Life Cycle Assessment Analysis – it is crucial to demonstrate reduced impact on the environment by reusing existing building resources or reduction in materials use. The evaluation can be proceed based on EPD data. Since COOL-R has EPD Type III certificate, up to 3 LEED points are achievable
– Products with EPD – additional 1 point for products having EPD Type III certification

More information about LEED certification method available on official LEED website.

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