Impressive thermal comfort increase without AC – case study of sewing room in Sao Paulo

Roof overheating problems may not only apply to large facilities producing or storing temperature sensitive goods, but also to small manufactures where thermal comfort of people working inside directly translates into the quality of final product.

The challenge of dealing with the issue of highly increased temperature in the working place was faced by the sewing room owner in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the building with roof of 200m² in total and no air conditioning system installed, working women were permanently exposed to temperature above 30°C. Roof construction was typical for many commercial buildings in Brazil and was made from trapezoidal metal sheets with glass wool mounted underneath with density of 10 kg/m³ and thickness of 6 cm. This kind of solution was not able to provide sufficient thermal insulation.

“temperature inside was reduced from 31,7°C to 22,3°C”

Complete COOL-R application was the perfect solution solving overheating problem in this facility. The owner of sewing room admitted, that thermal comfort inside the building strongly increased thanks to COOL-R. Also temperature measurements confirmed subjective feeling of conditions stated by employees, because in the end temperature inside was reduced from 31,7°C to 22,3°C.

Cool-R application process on the roof of sewing room and statement of the facility owner are presented in the short video clip.

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