Urban heat island solution – case study of sports pavilion on Spanish Tenerife

Hot summer days make people to reopen the discussion about urban heat islands and negative effects related to them. This phenomenon arises as a result of increasing urban development in the place of green spaces as well as limiting the natural air flow and intensified production of greenhouse gases by transportation and industry. In extreme cases it can cause temperature inside the city higher up to 15 degrees than in the surrounding areas. This in turn results with deterioration of thermal comfort of people living and working within the city and bigger energy consumption of air conditioning systems.

People administrating the Candelaria Sports Center Pavilion on the Spanish island Tenerife had a problem with massive metal sheet covering oxidation causing the appearance of moisture in the building or even presence of standing water inside. First solution proposed for renovation of this roof was removing the bottom plate and replacing it with acoustic panels. However condition of the roof with numerous covering discontinuities did not allow to go on with this idea and alternative solution was required. In the end it was decided to apply COOL-R coating. First the old metal roof covering required cleaning and specific treatment for parts damaged by rust. Elements completely destroyed were replaced with new ones, with the same technical characteristics. On the top were applied 1,2 mm thick layer of COOL-R coating.

As a result complete roof renovation of Candelaria Sports Center Pavilion was prepared, solving the problem with massive leakages. Additionally also thermal comfort inside the building was improved, what is critical for this kind of facilities, especially in countries with hot climate conditions. Energy required to ensure proper thermal conditions inside the building is much lower now. All those advantages are also an answer to the question of how to minimize urban heat island effect.

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