Meet the COOL-R brand


COOL-R is a specialist brand designed for roof waterproofing domain. The basic and distinctive feature of COOL-R products is their high reflectiveness and emissivity.

Because of these features, the roofs of the buildings heat even up to 70% less, which in turn lowers indoor temperatures by as much as 10°C. It significantly reduces the building’s operating costs and energy consumption.

In large halls, savings of AC costs may amount even up to 25% of annual expenses. Better energy efficiency of the buildings means lower CO2 atmospheric emission and reduction of urban heat islands which affect the quality of life and local microclimate.

During its years of presence on the market, COOL-R has developed mainly in countries with warm climate: Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Qatar, but it is also successfully applied in countries such as Poland or Russia.


What makes us different?

COOL R logo

COOL-R is more than a product. Our service goes beyond the sales of the product – we accompany the customer at every stage of investment. From the very initial contact, we present the benefits and calculations of cost savings in air-conditioned objects. We inspect the roof condition and perform trial application to match the perfect solution. The application itself of a cool roof is performed only by our certified partners, and we supervise the whole process. Our commitment at every stage of the investment process makes us confident that the delivered solutions fully meet the customers’ expectations.


in waterproofing

For 25 years we have been a producer and supplier of extensive range of products for building and renovating roofs, as well as waterproofing.

Our offer includes:

  • shingles and bituminous membranes
  • breathable membranes
  • bituminous coatings
  • sealants and roofing glues
  • foils and roofing tapes
  • liquid waterproofing membranes
  • other professional solutions for waterproofing

Global experience

  • Sales to 100 countries worldwide
  • 17 production plants
  • 35 companies worldwide

COOL-R brand is a part of Selena Group comprising 35 companies worldwide, including production plants on 3 continents. Selena completes orders in 100 international markets.

Selena Group participates at all stages of product development: beginning with advanced research, through manufacturing, distribution, marketing, ending with worldwide sales. At every stage of product creation, Selena guarantees innovative solutions which assure meeting top international standards proven by multiple awards and international quality certificates.

At present, Selena Group is one of the world three top manufacturers of polyurethane foam and successfully competes in international construction chemicals markets with global concerns of long-lasting traditions.

The key element of Selena Group strategy is quality. “Advantage through product” means the pursuit for highest quality of every category of products Selena Group has to offer.

Such a strategy guarantees high level of customer trust for products and solutions delivered by Selena. The Group now employs nearly 2,000 people worldwide.