LEED v4 certificate for COOL-R with 24 credits to get

COOL-R cool roofs system as an innovative and environmental friendly solution has passed LEED v4 certification process with final result of up to 24 credits to get by newly designed or existing buildings. See more

COOL-R system certificated with BREEAM standard

Innovative character and undeniable positive impact on the reduction of energy consumption represented by COOL-R cool roofs system were appreciated during BREEAM certification process, executed in accordance with BREEAM International New Construction 2016 standard.   See more

COOL-R cool roofs solution at BioEconomic day in Madrid

At the end of November Espacio Saint-Gobain Madrid will give its visitors the opportunity to get to know with the cool roof system presented by COOL-R. See more

Exhibition facility maintenance – case study from Anhembi, Brazil

Exhibition halls to be attractive for exhibitors and visitors need to meet some specific requirements. Not only the usable area or the localization matter when it comes to decide where to organize the event. Bad exhibition conditions may negatively affect not only the comfort of visitors but also the shape of presented goods or even the reputation of exhibitor. For this reasons regular and comprehensive maintenance is crucial for owners of exhibition facilities. See more

Cool roofs supporting power supply – case study of industrial zone in Gebze, Turkey

Awareness of the influence of solar radiation on roofing is getting stronger. For many investors and building owners it is obvious, that early prevention is much better than unscheduled renovations when something wrong occurs. Proper roofing installation guaranties years of safe and comfortable functioning of the building. Benefits and savings rise even more when used solutions provide additional advantages related to the main purpose of facility and as well as extended warranty. See more

Urban heat island solution – case study of sports pavilion on Spanish Tenerife

Hot summer days make people to reopen the discussion about urban heat islands and negative effects related to them. This phenomenon arises as a result of increasing urban development in the place of green spaces as well as limiting the natural air flow and intensified production of greenhouse gases by transportation and industry. In extreme cases it can cause temperature inside the city higher up to 15 degrees than in the surrounding areas. This in turn results with deterioration of thermal comfort of people living and working within the city and bigger energy consumption of air conditioning systems.   See more

How to reduce energy consumption of production facility, keeping thermal comfort inside – case study from Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey

Production of specialized machines with high level of complexity used for many applications in different industries requires ensuring of exceptional manufacturing conditions, suitable for both people and devices involved. Unidentified sources of moisture, water standing on devices and wares or high temperature reducing the productivity of people and machines can easily disrupt the manufacturing process causing delays and losses.   See more

Strong impact on energy prices due to heat waves in Europe

[caption id="attachment_13078" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Europe is experiencing a heat wave over the last weeks and any significant change of weather conditions cannot be expecting in the following days. One of the Polish economic portals points out, that current weather conditions on the old continent directly translates into an high increase of energy price.[/caption] See more

Modern and energy efficient fish market in Madrid – case study of Mercamadrid

Requirements set for commercial objects may differ not only based on the type of the building in question, its size, construction or equipment installed. They may also vary depending on expectations of various entities using the same facility for a common purpose but from different perspectives. Project carried out by Mercado Central de Pescados Mercamadrid in Madrid, Spain, the second largest fish market in the world, is a perfect example of selecting one complete solution to meet needs of different users of the facility. See more

Impressive thermal comfort increase without AC – case study of sewing room in Sao Paulo

Roof overheating problems may not only apply to large facilities producing or storing temperature sensitive goods, but also to small manufactures where thermal comfort of people working inside directly translates into the quality of final product. See more

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