Do you manage production plants, warehouses or livestock buildings? If the answer is yes, you definitely realise the scale of costs generated by the cooling of such large surfaces.

Roofs heated by sunlight make it difficult to maintain comfortable working conditions, negatively impact the welfare of animals and can lead to the loss of stored goods. It is especially important in places where:
➡️ there are many people present at the same time,
➡️ production equipment generates additional heat,
➡️ there are products requiring specific storage temperatures, such as drugs, meat, vegetables,
➡️ there is cattle, pig, sheep and poultry farming.

If you want to limit heat costs and care about cost-effective solutions, learn more about our waterproof roof coating COOL-R. It reflects 86% of sunlight and reduces the temperature under the roof by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

✔️ is easy to apply,
✔️ significantly reduces costs related to the operation of air conditioning installations (up to 25%),
✔️ improves roof durability,
✔️ maintains comfortable conditions without additional equipment,
✔️ reduces CO2 emissions,
✔️ can be applied without the need to close the building during the process,
✔️ can be applied on the existing coating.