Roof overheating is a result of many factors, such as:
– the roof coating colour and texture,
– reflexivity and emissivity,
– degree of shade and roof inclination angle.

It can be prevented with the highly-reflexive, hydro isolating coating COOL-R, designed for new and renovated roofs — both flat and inclined.

Why is it so effective?
✅ COOL-R has 85.7% ± 0.2 reflexivity. About 86% of sunlight reaching the material is reflected;
✅ COOL-R has 0.85 ± 0.03 emissivity, which lets the material transfer the heat back in the form of infrared radiation;
✅ COOL-R SRI = 107;
✅ COOL-R is waterproof — it provides constant roof hydroisolation in just two layers with the combined thickness of 1mm;
✅ thanks to high reflexivity, COOL-R protects the roof against UV radiation;
✅ with 300% elasticity, COOL-R improves the resistance of the roof to mechanical damage;
✅ the COOL-R coating prevents fire from spreading;
✅ COOL-R is fully weatherproof — retains its properties even in -35°C.