One product, many benefits. Improved employee performance, savings related to electricity costs or improved durability of roof coatings — the waterproof coating COOL-R provides all of that.

It is an innovative solution which can reduce the interior temperature of production rooms by up to 10 degrees Celsius. It will work well in places with refrigeration appliances, in food warehouses and livestock buildings designed for animal farming. Thanks to the modern COOL-R coating, you will:
✔️ avoid production downtime,
✔️ reduce the load on air conditioning equipment,
✔️ gain more usable space (by reducing the number of air conditioners),
✔️ protect the roof against UV radiation and prevent it from ageing and damage,
✔️ decrease the cost of energy. Smaller consumption can be planned during the design phase by using air conditioning equipment with less power.

Additionally, COOL-R significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Decreased energy consumption by air conditioning equipment has a positive impact on the environment and affirms the efforts of companies aiming to achieve environmental goals covered in international standards.