Innovative technology that makes a big difference for breeding facilities 


The need to ensure cooling for the roof surface and consequently to improve thermal comfort inside buildings is recognised by many regions across the world. Breeding facilities are particularly exposed to the negative effects of high temperatures as such conditions cause production effectiveness to fall and in extreme cases may cause major production losses. This is because each time the animal’s thermal comfort limit is exceeded, its health and production performance suffer. 


Consequences of overheating: 




In the plants where no air-conditioning is used due to breeding safety considerations, proper temperature is usually maintained by means of thermo-insulations, mist-generators or mechanical ventilation systems. However, these methods are often suboptimal in dealing with high temperatures in interiors. Increasingly often, breeders experience the effects of thermal stress despite thermo-insulation solutions used. Selena Group, which is among the world’s leading producers and distributors of constructional chemicals, has recently upgraded its diversified product portfolio with an ultimately innovative product that offers a brilliantly simple solution to the abovementioned problems. COOL-R is a highly reflective, waterproof coating that effectively lowers roof temperature, thus causing a major reduction of temperature inside the building, providing a more comfortable internal environment. The product is particularly suited for the buildings where animals are bred, food or medicines are stored, or when the building is used for technological processes that require a strict thermal discipline. The COOL-R coating helps reduce roof temperature almost instantly by nearly 70%, with a concurrent decrease of internal temperature of even 10°C. Furthermore, the product ensures full waterproofing of the roof, constituting a protective layer for the structure that mitigates the process of its ageing and degradation. This innovative coating has a very long useful life and retains its properties for more than 10 years, in addition to being very simple to apply.