From now on, the COOL-R liquid waterproofing coating is labelled with the international FM Approval mark. This is a guarantee of the safety and highest quality of the product and an opportunity to participate in even bigger and more prestigious projects.

What is the FM Approval certificate and why did we apply for this quality mark?

FM Global is an international real estate insurance company. It also evaluates the quality of materials such as electrical equipment, building materials and roofing materials. The standards introduced by FM are universal and recognised all over the world. FM Approval certificate gives investors, contractors and subcontractors a guarantee that the materials they use are of the highest quality, which translates into safety and durability of the investment.

Moreover, for some time now, we have been observing increased interest in the certificate among our clients from Poland, Spain or Brazil. According to our observations, 2-3 years ago, the certificate was required in 1 project out of 10. Today, it is required in an average of every third project!

What tests were carried out on the COOL-R coating?

FM specialists have tested the COOL-R waterproofing coating for durability and flammability, among other things.

For example, hail impact tests were carried out on the membrane. The test showed that after a series of impacts, the waterproofing coating remains intact and continues to fulfil its protective role.

The flammability test indicated that in the event of a fire, the fire would not spread through the roof, allowing the danger to be quickly neutralised and damage to be minimised.

The high wind resistance test, on the other hand, proved that the coating is permanently attached to the roof, so it is not at risk in the event of strong gusts.

What does FM Approval mean for users and builders using COOL-R?


FM Approval is the most significant quality certificate on the market. By using materials tested to FM standards, customers can be assured of the safety of their investment. As for COOL-R, this means a damage-resistant coating that permanently protects against leaks. The property owner can relax and be sure  that the property is secured and that the coating is doing its job – protect against water and further reducing the temperature inside the building.

Discounts on building insurance

If the investment was made with the use of products certified with the FM Approval mark, the owner may count on attractive discounts when insuring the facility with FM Group. Depending on the investment, these can be amounts of several hundred thousand euros or more!

Easier availability of the COOL-R and more prestigious projects

As we mentioned at the beginning, FM Approval is getting more popular among investors.  Our efforts to obtain this certification are a response to the huge demand from our customers. COOL-R can now be part of projects where FM-certified products are required for construction work. It also means easier availability of the COOL-R from sales representatives.

More sustainable buildings

The COOL-R coating significantly reduces external heat gain, minimizing the roof surface heat. As a result, by reducing the temperature inside a facility, COOL-R improves the thermal comfort of employees and significantly reduces the demand for air conditioning – and thus – reduces the overall consumption of electricity. COOL-R therefore helps to achieve higher energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

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What was the FM Approval certification process like for COOL-R?

The entire certification process is quite challenging and time-consuming, but thanks to meticulous and independent testing, the customer is assured that the coating really does have the technical performance that the manufacturer promises. The authorised specialists from the FM Group visit production plants and select random samples of the product. The samples are then sent to the USA along with other materials necessary for testing.  It is also worth remembering that COOL-R is obliged to take part in regular audits and quality checks as part of its certification. This is to guarantee users that the coating will always be of the highest quality. Any changes to the formulation must also be reported to the FM specialists, who will determine whether repeat testing is necessary.

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