High energy costs, lowered work performance, damage to stored goods — these are only a few of the threats brought about by overheated industrial spaces. Strong sunlight and rising ambient temperature can cause many problems:

1. Insufficiently protected buildings create a harmful environment for employees who may feel weak and lose productivity. This results in more frequent breaks and generates further financial losses.

2. Due to large sun exposure, hypermarkets, production plants and warehouses may increase the operation load of air conditioning equipment. Higher energy consumption results in higher costs of cooling.

3. Overheated condensers perform much worse and potential breaks in energy supply negatively impact company profits.

To protect administrators against the effects of high temperatures, we created a waterproof coating COOL-R. It is durable, provides hydroisolation and decreases the temperature under the roof by up to 10 degrees Celsius without additional equipment.

COOL-R is a simple solution that can lower the cost of cooling by hundreds of thousands of Polish zlotys.