The problem of roof overheating causes many problems for the owners of industrial buildings. Roof coverings accumulate a lot of heat and cause high temperatures to be sustained inside even at night. In addition, during the day, the hot roof gives off heat into the building, thus increasing the heat gain in the space underneath the roof. In consequence, temperature in the interior goes up, causing the users’ thermal comfort to decrease and increasing the cost of air-conditioning in the summer period. This is a particular challenge for the owners of production facilities and warehouses, as they are required to maintain the optimum temperature conditions inside the building. In large facilities, the use of air-conditioning generates huge costs. In such building as hypermarkets or production plants, these costs run in hundreds of thousands euros, still not enough to ensure a full thermal comfort inside. Another problem is the need to plan, also in terms of budget, renovation costs as due to high temperatures the process of roof ageing is much faster.

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An answer to the above problems is the innovative product called COOL-R: a highly-reflexive, waterproofing roof covering that effectively prevents temperature from rising excessively in the rooms below the roof thanks to its ability to reflect solar radiation and its outstanding emissivity, or the ability to release heat. The technology also affords protection against harmful UV radiation on all roof types, by creating a water-proof, protective coating. COOL-R is the world’s only product that combines the function of waterproofing and high reflectance, thus helping maintain reduced temperature inside the building. At the same time, it has the highest technical parameters that a roof covering should have. With COOL-R, the roof temperature is nearly 70% lower than before the application, while the temperature inside the facility is by as much as 10°C lower.

COOL-R technology


What is COOL-R technology?

Cool-R technology was designed with a view to achieving the highest value of the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). SRI is calculated based on two key parameters: reflectance or the ability to reflect solar radiation, and emissivity – ability to release absorbed energy. With its unique technology, the product has a very high SRI at 107. It is this value that depicts the effectiveness of the innovative roof coating, something that has never been offered before by any solution available in the market.

This breakthrough solution significantly contributes to the maintenance of the temperature regime in production facilities and warehouses, particularly in the spaces where people work, animals are kept or heat-sensitive products (drugs or food) are stored. Now, by using this intuitive, easy-to-use and modern product, we can ensure full thermal comfort while at the same time generate significant savings by reduced consumption of electricity, which is otherwise needed to power the increased use of air-conditioning units. Furthermore, the product ensures full waterproofing of the roof, constituting a protective layer for the structure that mitigates the process of its ageing and degradation. And this means more savings! This innovative coating has a very long useful life and retains its properties for more than 10 years. The savings generated over that time can be invested into the upgrade of the facility itself or used for a different purpose. Beyond any doubt, neither excessive temperature nor roof degradation will be a problem anymore. The product has already been used in many locations, where measurements were taken that confirmed its revolutionary properties.