Keeping the right internal temperature and climate particularly matters in the buildings where people work inside, where food or medicines are stored or when the building is used for animal breeding. Typical problems resulting from the roof’s exposure to UV radiation and consequently the reduced internal thermal comfort include: production losses, lower productivity or worse well-being of humans and breeding animals. In addition, the increased use of air-conditioning, which today is the most popular way to mitigate the above issues, generates huge costs which not necessarily ensure optimal climate in the building. These problems are addressed by the latest roof covering technology developed by Selena Group – COOL-R – the highly-reflective, waterproof roof coating.


COOL-R is the world’s first product that almost immediately on application helps reduce roof temperature by nearly 70%, with a concurrent decrease of internal temperature of even 10°C. This will not only generate real savings for building owners, but will also cut energy demand as it reduces the need for air-conditioning. Lower roof temperature means lower temperature inside. The use of COOL-R, the layer that also provides 100% waterproofing, also eliminates the factors that cause roof ageing and leaks.

Selena’s innovative product addressed to the roofing sector marks a breakthrough in construction as it creates new value by e.g. improving the comfort of life and work for people. It also increases safety as it allows optimal thermal conditions to be maintained in industrial and storage facilities. The product has a positive effect on the natural environment as it limits electricity demand and emission of pollutants and CO2 to the atmosphere. COOL-R has already been used with success in many buildings in Poland and abroad.