We transport, deliver and store more and more food products, even those vulnerable to high temperatures. Storage of food in summer months is a real challenge, especially due to constantly rising average annual temperatures. Fortunately, there is a modern solution which helps owners of warehouses, supermarkets or refrigeration plants introduce considerable savings.

Providing appropriate thermal conditions to food products vulnerable to high temperatures is very challenging. Not every commercial warehouse is air conditioned. Often, adapting a building to strict requirements of storing products vulnerable to high temperatures becomes unprofitable, not only because of investment costs but also the projected cost of cooling systems maintenance. There are also buildings, where it is impossible to install air conditioning due to limitations arising from technical requirements.

In warehouses with air conditioning, maintaining the temperature on an impassable level during long-term heatwaves raises the costs significantly. Air conditioning equipment is not suitable for the increasingly frequent extreme temperatures. Its performance drops significantly when the condenser unit is placed on, for example, an overheated roof. The influence on thermal conditions in a warehouse is most often limited only to monitoring and not real control over the temperature in the building.



There is a simple and revolutionary way to lower the cost of cooling systems to rational levels. It is enough to reduce the temperature of the roofing. The COOL-R cool roof technology is designed to help you with that.

It creates a high-quality shield reflecting sunlight. COOL-R forms a tight roof coating without joints, resistant to water and UV radiation. Thanks to that, we are able to reduce the temperature of the roof coating and the interior under the roof. The results are impressive. COOL-R has a very high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI=107). It is able to reflect 86% of sunlight, which results in the reduction of temperature of up to 10 degrees Celsius under the roof.


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The roof surface temperature depends not only on the colour of the material utilised but also its texture. In the summer, a coating made of metal sheets or synthetic membranes in shades of grey reaches the average temperature of 40°C. In identical conditions, a coating made of bitumen or anthracite metal sheets reaches up to 80°-85°C. Colour is not the only factor that matters; the roof coating material structure and its emissivity (the speed and effectiveness of emitting the absorbed heat) do, too. COOL-R creates a smooth, white surface reflecting most of the light energy, which prevents the increase of the roof temperature.

It does not matter whether the roof is new or renovated, covered with bituminous mass, membranes, roofing felt or metal sheets. It is very easy to apply. The COOL-R roof coating can be spread using a roller or sprayed, and the surface becomes resistant to rain after only 90 minutes. There is no need to close the building for the purpose of renovating the roof coating — the facility can operate during the application of the coating.




COOL-R simply and easily helps to adapt a building to strict requirements of storing food products vulnerable to high temperatures As a result of a lower thermal balance of the building, we can use smaller air conditioning systems or remove the installation altogether. We are also avoiding operational costs. Not only those related to the operation and maintenance of air conditioning equipment, but also the costs of roof coating. By eliminating the two main factors contributing to the ageing of roofs — high temperature and UV radiation — we increase their durability (up to 25 years).

We looked into the scale of savings using as our example a warehouse in Wrocław with the roof surface area of 20,000 m2, whose owner decided to use the COOL-R coating. The AC operation costs decreased drastically. The data shared demonstrates that AC operational savings for that company amounted to 217,369 PLN annually.


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A cool roof also means improved comfort of work for your employees. In rooms with appropriate temperature, employees work more efficiently and it is easier to avoid production downtime. Moreover, COOL-R is an environmentally-friendly solution, which improves the image of the company. Thanks to the cool roof technology, we reduce the amount of energy consumed by air conditioning equipment, which results in the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. An additional benefit is the fact that it provides additional points for LEED and BREEAM certification. COOL-R also has the Environmental Product Declaration type II and III.

Add extra hydroisolation and improved roof durability for 25 years as further savings and the result is a fantastic investment with a quick return of incurred costs. Easy application and additional benefits caused by improved work quality of your employees make COOL-R a solution worth recommending to owners of warehouses, refrigeration plants or supermarkets who are looking for savings and a modern and effective alternative to air conditioning.